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3 Most Essential Needs For Digital Marketing

October 2, 2023

Digital Marketing is ever-changing. New trends come and go, but there are aspects of Digital Marketing that are here to stay.

Mastering these will help you on your journey to always staying relevant in your market. Since this is a beginners list, know that these three categories are generalized to get your creative juices flowing.

As you research more into these topics, know that to stay on top, you will constantly have to be updating and developing your marketing channels. Here are my simple tips!


The fastest way to increase your digital marketing efforts is to obtain high review ratings across the board.

Having reviews increase at a steady rate will help your company rise in rankings as it determines that if you are constantly being reviewed then you are constantly helping customers.

Almost 64% of consumers will check the Googles review before visiting a business. If you can increase your Google reviews your sales and conversions will follow.

Another amazing statistic is that 80% of consumers only trust businesses with ratings of 4.0 or higher. Numbers do not lie, so make sure you are getting your customers to review your product or company.

Customer Service
Photographer: Patrick Tomasso | Source: Unsplash

Let’s personalize this for just a minute. If you have a need for a fence, more than likely you will go to google and quickly search “Fence builders near me.” Out of the options given, which one would you choose? That’s right, the first option! The goal is to get to that number one position in Google reviews, but it can be done. Make sure you are asking all your customers and friends to leave a review, and a short experience!


Search Engine Optimization is the next step you should take in order to become successful online.

However, SEO efforts can be time-consuming, results do not show up as fast as reviews. Be patient as you start to figure out how to work your optimization plan. Here is where I would start:

1. Google My Business account

Start your account and update it. Far too often are there makeshift business accounts that have an address and a phone number. But that is not enough if you want to succeed.

If you have a website, plug it in. If you are only open limited hours, put your hours. This information is what customers want and Google will reward you when your Google My Business account has more information.

2. Optimize your website

Have a place for people searching Google to go to. If you haven’t already, build a landing page. A landing page is a specific page on your website that specifically funnels people to take action.

Buy a product, download free material, or subscribe! Besides that, just make sure your website looks good on a desktop and mobile device.

Use keywords and phrases in your headings and subtitles to make sure Google can crawl the site and determine how relevant your site is.

3. Research your Data

This is something you should constantly be doing, research what trends are working, find out what isn’t working.

Too often websites are realizing that a page isn’t very effective or that one button isn’t being clicked. Don’t worry, try A - B testing, determine if it is that specific page info or just how it looks.

Oftentimes, buttons with different phrases give back different returns. These are just examples of things you should be researching and fine-tune.

Content is King

The last thing you can do to increase your Digital Marketing efforts is by creating great content for consumers.

This can come in many forms but start with a Blog, Video Content, & Social Media Presence. Social Media presence is probably the easiest and quickest way to create content.

Find your market and which social media they use. Determine what they want to do, do they want you to interact with them, do they want reviews or info on products. Share with them!

Next, you might want to start a blog. Blogs are a great way to build a community.

You can give people an insight into how you run your company, release products, or just share experience. But you do this in order to increase your visibility and create more opportunities for search engines to recognize your efforts.

The last type of content you should create is video content. Video content is making up a large portion of what consumers want nowadays. Just like your website, make sure the videos look good!

You could even work with a video production company that can be consistent with your brand. Consumers love short videos that provide information, you can have featured videos on your website that describe your product or service.

Video Production
VideoPhotographer: Jakob Owens | Source: Unsplash


These three things are essentials to building a successful digital marketing campaign.

Make sure that you are researching the data you have to make decisions with your marketing campaign.

If your consumers don’t do social media, don’t invest. If they only are curious to learn more, make short videos or a blog.

The secret to digital marketing is always fine-tuning the materials you have and getting them in front of your consumer. Make sure it looks good and that you have fun doing it!

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