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7 Things You Should Know About Corporate Video Production Services

October 2, 2023

Corporate Video Production: What You Need To Know

Are your social ads, website, and blog text-only? Corporate video production services could be the kick start you need to promote your brand, develop a real relationship with consumers, and increase conversions to add to your bottom line. But why does a great B2B video marketing strategy work so well?

B2B Video Production

1. The Brain Loves Video content

Many of us marvel at the incredible way our dogs' brains can process scents, and their capacity to do so is certainly amazing. Equally amazing is the human brain's capacity to process sights. 90% of the information our brains process is visual. It takes us just 13 milliseconds to process an image: that's 60,000 times faster than text.

2. Customers Are More Likely to Engage With You

Surveys of consumers have found that people were much more likely to share, comment on, and "like" a video than a text article. Specifically, they're nearly 40% more likely to share and 56% more likely to “like” your post if it's a video. They're also 27.4 times more likely to click through on a video ad than a banner or rich media ad.

3. Marketing Videos Need to Be Done Right

You can't just throw anything out there: it has to be done right. Consumers report they're most likely to share and like a video when it's humorous, but 17% will develop a negative attitude toward your brand if they think the video is of poor quality. Another 15% are turned off by videos that push the sale too strongly. About 8% will think badly of you if it's not informative enough.

4. There Are Vital Elements You Can't Ignore

A great animated video tells a story and draws the viewer in. Like any great story, it needs a character, a quest, a climax, and a resolution with a strong call to action.

5. The Video Marketing Strategy Is Key

One of the biggest mistakes in corporate video production is choosing the wrong channels to promote a new video. People respond differently on different marketing and social media channels. On Instagram, for instance, a video over 15 seconds long is unlikely to get much attention, while on Youtube, a 30-second video ad is perfectly fine. On any platform, a video that goes over two minutes is going to turn off most viewers before they get to the call to action.

6. Viewers Want to Know Your Style

Increasingly, people want to patronize companies whose values they can share. Your video needs to demonstrate something about your brand personality. Millennial's in particular distrust businesses and won't hesitate to end a relationship if they disagree with your values. Show what your values are through each type of video so you can build a core of loyal customers who are attracted to more than just your product or service.

7. You Must Show How You Can Help

While your videos should demonstrate your core values, they also must demonstrate how your customers are going to benefit from developing a relationship with your brand. This means having a clear buyer persona in mind and then creating effective video content to reach them.

Be Known as One of the Best Companies at B2B Video Marketing

If your company isn't producing corporate videos, it's time to ramp up your production team and partner with a great B2B video production company. Contact Snovi Studios now to see how we work closely with you to develop affordable, reliable, high-quality videos that engage with your customers and grow your brand.

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