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Best Company Culture Videos of 2019 and 2020

October 2, 2023

Video is the king of online content these days, and you know, "Better content means better business," and producing a suite of the best company culture videos is a must-have feature of any recruitment marketing strategy.

But what makes a kickass company culture video? Is there some secret method for creating, producing, and promoting your company culture video?

We found that all companies are taking different (very different) approaches to their video company culture.

Some like making the videos sound more like work ads. Some use the company culture video as a way to communicate what the business is doing as a whole, listing features and benefits for clients. Others use voice-over and even more use employee and CEO testimonials.

I believe these ten company culture videos are perfect for their own reasons. I'm going to test each video, with three crucial questions in mind:

  • What does the video look like?
  • What did it say?
  • Why does it work?

These types of videos are two to four minutes long on average, but it is up to your company to determine which would be the ideal video length to convey your message.

Importance of company culture videos

best company culture videos example
Photographer: Helena Lopes | Source: Unsplash

Video just works, and the stats don't lie. Social media videos produce 1200 percent more views than text and images; video emails produce a 96 percent increase in click-through rates; the video will boost website traffic two to three times a month.

54 percent of internet users want more brand-supported video content. If you have not introduced a plan for video content for your recruiting campaigns, you practically deprive potential candidates of what they are looking for.

Some recruiting agencies reported 800 percent more interaction with video embedded job advertising. If it works for an agency, it will work for an in-house team.

Some of the viral company culture videos are as under from which you will get an idea about the importance of the company culture videos.

Let's check out some examples of companies producing positive brand videos and get some ideas that can be applied to your video recruitment strategy. One thing is for sure; these companies know how important it is to display your company culture.

Ten best company culture videos of 2019 and 2020

Apple: Diverse & Unique

Apple Culture Video

Apple is perhaps the 21st century's largest and most effective case study on branding. The tech beast is at the cutting edge of technology and digital communications, producing a corporate culture video regarding diversity and inclusion – in the current social and political environment- it sends a strong message.

Apple's creative team does this mainly through using equal opportunity recruiting to promote its company values, one that does not discriminate against any race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation.

Potential candidates are left with a feeling of being accepted as they are, and comfortably fit in at Apple.

Dell technologies

Dell Culture Video

How do you express culture specifically with an organization that has offices in 180 countries and hires more than 100,000 people? Dell Technologies focuses on universal employee engagement, immersing itself in universal principles and services such as versatility, inclusiveness, employee participation, employee resource groups, and tech development. A great culture video like this will show how you work at your organization regardless of where or who you are, transcending details such as office location, job roles, and tenure.


A typical video of culture presented in a monotone? It does work. Zendesk is poking fun at the company culture videos full of fancy building shots, the Golden Gate Bridge, and all the famous people the CEO knows by showcasing us exactly that.

Zendesk's true story always gets through. We see the activities of the volunteers, the perks, the facilities, and some of the people who work there. Using a different style of offbeat humor, they demonstrate their particular strengths.


BambooHR Culture Video

Are you tired of working 80 hours a month? Would you want to see the elusive work/life balance really in action? The team at BambooHR thinks it is possible!

It's all about striking a balance at this company. It's about going home, enjoying your family and friends, and getting time to eat food that isn't coming out of a bag for eating.

The culture of BambooHR is centered around the notion of hard-working and loving time off. It's about leaving jobs and living a satisfying life.

It shows team members doing things outside the jobs they enjoy. The theme is designed to attract prospering people here.

Drift: A-Team and a sense of belonging

Drift Culture Video

Drift is a conversational marketing platform that makes it easier for sales teams to communicate with potential customers.

This video illustrates the value of relaxation in the workplace and in creating teamwork, combining testimonials from workers with a look at the office environment.

Coca-cola (Modern and Long-form video)

Coca-Cola Culture Video

Digital marketing patterns and the clickbait, social media-driven spaces that there is so much content in today will lead you to believe that spans of attention are at an ever low.

It also leads to short, fast videos that lend more to mobile devices and feeds from Instagram. But long-form storytelling turns out to be an extremely viable choice. And the best brands pursue longer loops and even video series.

Take this Coca-Cola campaign, filmed more like a funded, teenage reality show than just an advertisement.

Reducing your market and its interests could help you explore a different subject or medium-sized style than more.


DocuSign Culture Video

There's more to a great society than beautiful workplaces, free food, and fun benefits. It's about how you feel about your company and how you have a relationship with your customers. The DocuSign team launches straight into that.

They bring us a unique insight into their culture by encouraging team members to share their favorite DocuSign stories from their offices around the globe.

That paints a picture of a team working hard, believing in what they are doing, and sincerely concerned about solving problems.

A squad that places first and foremost on the customer. A squad that's keen on people doing the same.

Atlassian: Open Business, No Bullsh*t

Atlassian Culture Video

Atlassian is the manufacturer of many famous apps such as HipChat and BitBucket. It highlights its core values in this video: Accountability, fairness, integrity, collaboration, and encouraging change.

How refreshingly honest it is, is what makes this video so engaging. The firm opts to hit the audience in the face rather than pursuing a conventional template of tired, predictable tropes.

Describing its working environment as "Open Business, No Bullshit" and summarizing its customer service by explaining that "Don't F*ck The Customer" is quickly and efficiently catching the attention of viewers.


Fiverr is a global e-commerce platform, providing innovative and online services in more than 150 categories of freelancing In this piece, aptly named "Another Generic Recruitment Video," the company satirized all those generic recruitment videos out there.

The video pokes fun at all of the tropes we've come to expect from recruitment videos with a monotonous voice over and over the top caricatures before getting to its ultimate point-convincing people that Fiverr is the place to be.

This strategic use of humor stands out from the crowd and presents Fiverr as a place to work that is legitimately pleasant.


Dropbox Culture Video

Why use people when muppets will do? The video "why do you love your company"-style was made to death. If you put muppets into the picture, it does not suddenly seem so cliché.

Employees share their favorite pieces of work at DropBox, and we get a real glimpse into what the atmosphere of the company is like. This is a culture built around talented people who enjoy problem-solving and having fun together.

HubSpot For the Love of Marketing.

Hubspot Culture Video

HubSpot is an inbound marketing software that allows you to personalize your entire online presence.

This is a perfect example of a product-infused video from a company that points out features, advantages, and shows how different they are from the competition.

A guy who helps an old lady navigate the street. Everything that is lacking is a montage of the battle.

The video taps into pop culture and shows us what HubSpot is all about—an ambitious underdog who rose through ranks to become Inbound Marketing's rulers.

They also manage to slip into one cinematic bundle with all of the core company ideals and characteristics they are searching for in future employees.

Hence, For brands, video is a way of reaching audiences creatively through effective, powerful storytelling across any platform.

It's pure, intense, and sincere at times. It is up to you to find out what message the company needs to send.

In Conclusion

So, How important for you to display your company culture?

I hope after reading this blog, you will better understand the effectiveness of a company culture video for your brand or business.

At Snovi Studios, we help companies create accessible video content of high quality that allows businesses to better communicate and engage with their customers.

What ideas do you have for a company culture video? We’d love to hear!

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