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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Television Commercial?

October 2, 2023

In today’s modern and digital generation, watching television is among the favorite pastimes of the people. If you wish to boost the sales of your business, it can be a good idea to opt for a television commercial.

Well, do you want to know how much does it cost to make a television commercial?

The cost of making a TV commercial can be affected by several factors, but there are two basic costs to create a commercial.

Factors Which Affect The Cost of A Television Commercial
Factors Which Affect The Cost of A Television Commercial Photographer: Sharon McCutcheon | Source: Unsplash

Two Basic Costs of Television Commercials

If you are curious about how much does it cost to make a television commercial, read more.

1. The TV Ad Needs To Be Produced

Do you want to know how much a typical TV commercial to produce cost? You are in the right place. If you produce a TV ad, you can consider the following factors.

- Production time

Your expenses can depend on the production time of your project. It consists of the planning, actual production as well as post-production.

- Equipment for producing the TV commercial

The cost and type of equipment used for production are also important. If you have a simple project, you can use a microphone and camera.

Take note that equipment for production may include lenses, camera, helicopter, cranes, jibs, electric truck, lighting, green screen, and more.

- Number of the production crew

The number of people involved in your TV commercial production is another factor to consider.

Average Cost for TV Commercial to Be Produced

The estimated cost to produce your TV commercial can range from $2,000 and $7,000. In this price range, you can have a crew with 3 people.

Meanwhile, if you have a crew of 10 people and has a lighting/grip truck and HD camera package, your expenses can start from $10,000 to $50,000.

On the other hand, having more than 10 people in your crew has an estimated cost of $50,000 and more. Thus, the production may include animation, professional actors, custom-designed sets, extensive post-production, and helicopter aerials.

2. The TV Ad Needs To Be Broadcasted

TV ads that need to be broadcast are more affordable compared to a TV ad that needs to be produced. You must take note that broadcasting can cost as low as $25 for 30 seconds in a small market or thousands of dollars in bigger markets.

Factors that can Affect the Cost of Broadcasting your TV Commercial

1. Time of year

The beginning of the year can be the best time to make tv commercial for your business. This is because the fourth quarter of the year has huge ad space competition since businesses are launching commercials before and during the holiday season.

2. Age of viewers

Businesses are targeting their audience, who are mostly adults from 25 to 54 years old. But if you are advertising to a niche audience, then you may need to pay more to advertise on stations and locations that are specific to that age group.

3. TV show and network

If the TV show or network is popular, you can be charged more for their commercial spots.

4. Cable vs. broadcast

The cable includes stations that you need to pay more. Broadcast is the local station affiliates such as national networks like CBS, NBC, and ABC.

5. Live viewership

Depending on your product or service, you can opt for live broadcast commercials. That’s why some advertisements during sports events are costly.

6. Time of day

Primetime commercials in the evening are between 8 pm to 11 pm. This is the time when most people watch TV. If your TV commercial was run at this time of the day, you could have a higher cost.

7. Geographical location

If you want to reach a large audience, you may prefer to air your TV commercials on national television. Make sure to air your TV ads in cities that have a large number of viewers.

The average cost to broadcast TV commercial

Several factors can affect the cost of broadcasting your TV commercial. It may include the region where it will be aired, time of the day, length of the ad, and the frequency of running the ads.

You can pay for low as $5 per 1000 viewers in a medium-sized market for a 30-second time slot. If you have a 30-second ad that needs to be broadcast, the estimated cost is:

  • About $200 and $1,500 for local TV station
  • About $120, 000 on national TV

The Importance of TV Commercials

As a business enthusiast, opting for TV commercials for your business is important. It can benefit your business in the following way.

- Reach Wide Audience

It cannot be denied that TV is among the top entertainment platforms that are used by people of all ages.

It is estimated that about 60 percent of customers are likely to buy after viewing a TV commercial compared to those who see ads on social media.

- Helps To Target Your Audience

With the help of a TV commercial, you can target your specific audience. With this, you have a chance to reach a wide audience that can turn to be your potential buyers.

So, you can boost your brand recognition and increase the sales of your business.

- Cost-Efficient

The best about making a TV commercial for your business is that it is cost-efficient. You have peace of mind that the money you invest for the ad is all worth it.

TV is among the most trusted mediums for a business advertisement. With a TV commercial, you can effectively promote your product or business in a quality video.

Even more important, you can introduce the benefits of your business or product in the best possible way.

- High Quality At A Low Cost

Another benefit of making a TV commercial for your business is its quality. You can get a high-quality TV ad without sacrificing a large amount of your hard-earned budget.

Your TV commercial can have a great combination of words and pictures for both auditory and visual stimulation. You can give a realistic view of your product for your specific target audience.

With this, you don’t have to waste your time and money on inefficient advertising for your business.

- Fast and Practical Way To Promote Your Business

By choosing to make a TV ad for your business, you can save more of your time and money when it comes to your advertising needs. In just a few seconds, your business will be in the spotlight.

Unlike other advertising platforms such as radio, newspapers, telephone directories, and other print media, you can have a wide reach of people who can be your potential customers.

You can reach your specific audience and other consumers who have been using the products of your competitors.

- Great Impact To The Audience

TV is among the most reliable forms of advertising. It can have a great impact to the audience. Thus, a quality video about your product can make audiences laugh and trigger their emotions.

If you want a business commercial that truly works, opting for a TV commercial is the best solution.


Do you want to know how much does it cost to make a television commercial?

To sum it up, choosing a TV commercial can be the perfect solution for promoting your business. It can be a practical but efficient way to introduce your product or business to a large audience.

If you have a convincing commercial, you have more chances of turning your audience into potential customers. In just a few seconds, your audience will know your product or business.

You also must remember that there are several factors like what we have mentioned earlier when it comes to the cost of producing a television commercial.

With the average commercial production cost at $2-7,000 and the average broadcast cost at around $1,500 for local TV stations, you should plan on spending 5k-10k to produce and broadcast a television commercial.

Are you ready to create your own commercial? Reach out and we can help you create a commercial that perfectly suits your budget, needs, and standards.

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