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Finding Background Music for Video: Everything You Need to Know

October 2, 2023

In this article, we’ll tell you everything there is to know to help you find the perfect background music fitting of the top-notch video you’ve produced.

We’ll provide you with tips on how to choose the right one. We’ll also list down sources – both free and paid – that you can take advantage of starting today.

You’re producing a video for your small business. That’s great! Videos have shown that they can convert viewers into customers better than text or pictures.

Do you want to know one of the main factors that lead to their effectiveness?

It’s background music.

How to Find the Best Background Music for Your Video

the options for finding background music for video
Photographer: Spencer Imbrock | Source: Unsplash

Did you know that music can help influence the viewers? A good choice should do the following:

  • Set up the whole vibe and atmosphere of the video. For example, it can create a celebratory vibe if you aim to celebrate a milestone of your business with a video.
  • Keep them glued to the video. You wouldn’t want them to X out of the video 5 seconds into watching!
  • Make the video look more professional. It has a direct influence on how people view your business.
  • Encourage them to engage (like, comment or share). This leads to a viral social media video.

The good news is you can do so online! There are free and paid sources (more about them later). For now, let’s focus on how to find the best one for the video that you’re producing. Here are some tips:

Know and understand your market.

Choose something that your target market can relate to. If you can direct the eyes of your market towards your video just by using music that they can relate to, then you have one foot inside the door.

Know the purpose of your video.

Is it supposed to sell your products or services? Is it to celebrate a milestone? Is it to introduce your small business? Knowing its purpose is an important first step.

Also, what role will it play? Does it play the main or backup role? Is it Batman or Robin?

For example, a music production company should produce a video that highlights the music. In that case, the music is Batman.

What is the vibe you’re after?

Do you want to make people want to go out there and dominate like how a Nike ad usually makes us feel? Choose something cinematic.

Do you want to showcase your company’s innovations like an Apple ad? Choose something electronic.

Fortunately, sites that offer music categorize them so you can easily narrow your search. You can decide on a genre and choose from that genre.

This narrows down your list from tens of thousands to a few thousand.

Decide on a budget.

Finding background music for video doesn’t have to be expensive. There are plenty of free choices, but this means that other businesses, including maybe a competitor, are using them. Set aside a budget for it if you can. You’ll have more and better choices.

Whatever you do, don’t steal music! Using music that you have no rights to will lead to a potential lawsuit. In most cases, they’ll ask you to take it down.

Imagine your video having hundreds of thousands of views already and you have to take it down just because you used a song you have no right to.

At the very least, your marketing video will be muted on social media.

The Best Sources when Finding Background Music for Video

If you’re like most people, you’re probably looking for free sources first. These sources have songs that are offered under a Creative Commons license. This means that you can download and even share them.

However, it’s important to note that there are several licenses under this category. Here are 7 of the most popular ones.

Your best bet is to use those with a CC0 license which permits you to do anything you want with the music. Alternatively, you can also use CC-BY which is the same as CC0 except for the fact that you have to put an attribute link back to the original artist.

Here are some trusted sites for finding background music for video for free:

YouTube Audio Library

Yes, this library is not just for vloggers. You can browse free music by genre, mood, instrument, duration, and the need for attribution. You can also search for sound effects.


This is where artists upload their music under different Creative Commons licenses. You just have to carefully read the guidelines put in place by the artist as far as its license is concerned.

A lot of the best music here is under the CC-BY license. Understandably so, they want to be recognized for their music.


This is a global music community where artists contribute their work. Just like SoundCloud, they operate with Creative Commons licenses.

Free Music Archive (FMA)

This is another loaded source of music. As long as you respect the Creative Commons licenses, finding background music for video on this site should be a breeze.

Paid Options For Finding Background Music For Video

A lot of the songs on these free sites can’t be used for commercial purposes. That’s something that you have to consider since there’s a good chance that you want to use the music to promote your small business.

Paying for background music can prove to be more effective with better choices. You can hire a composer to compose music just for you. If that’s too expensive, here are some online sources:

Epidemic Sound

This is a favorite of serious Youtubers (hello, Peter McKinnon!) and for good reason. A personal subscription is $15 a month, while a commercial subscription is $49 a month.

If you plan on producing a lot of videos for your business (you should!), then this investment will be worth it.


Here’s a good option if you don’t want to be tied up with a subscription. There are over a million tracks here, starting at $1 a track.


This site offers free tracks although the terms are very limiting. You can check out their pro license.


This is another popular choice especially among creators and small business owners. Your investment starts at just $15 a month.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, finding background music for video will be a breeze with this guide.

Your video is only as good as its music so you have to follow the tips in this article particularly on how to choose the right track for your video.

Once you’ve experienced the effects of a video with a good track, you’ll want to produce more!

Get in touch with us if you have any questions. We can show you samples of effective videos with amazing tracks!

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