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New To Video Marketing? Here Are 7 Ways To Step Into The Video Frontier

October 2, 2023

There are many avenues that you can take when it comes to starting up digital marketing efforts. Current studies are showing that if you are going digital, then you should be focusing on video marketing.

Google has said that 55% of consumers say they use online video while actually shopping. Tapping into the video marketing aspect of marketing might seem overwhelming, expensive, and even time-consuming.

These fears might become a reality if you are unable to follow these 7 tips! Of course, the way you leverage digital marketing is always changing and evolving, so make sure you continue to research what is most effective.

Find Your Audience

Hopefully, you and your marketing team have already taken the time to find your audience. If not, this will be a beginner’s guide on how to find your audience and target your efforts.

First, you will want to collect and organize all of your data on your current customer base. With that data, you will have to create a group, or groups, of similar demographics, age, location, interest, buying habits.

Using these categories you can create a “persona” that you can now tailor-fit marketing efforts to a persona. Imagine you yourself are the persona, now determine which efforts would be most effective in persuading you to help convert by buying or subscribing to a blog.

How to find your audience for a video marketing campaign
Find Your Audience

Keep in mind that these personas can change over time. Hopefully, with time you can collect more data that will make your personas become more specific.

Make sure not to create too many personas. One of the pitfalls of creating personas is that if you create too many, you can stretch your message too thin and send mixed signals.

Use the fresh data that you collect and tweak the 3 or 4 personas that you have already created. Just like you and me, your personas will change and grow, but deep down inside they will have the same core beliefs and values.

Brand Is Crucial To Your Video Marketing

This step could be one of the most important of the 7. Building a brand can be so important because this is how your customer base will recognize you.

Think of your favorite companies, they have a recognizable brand. What do you think when you think about that company? Is it good? Is it bad? Does it make you laugh, or think about something serious? Now decide how customers will think of your company, what would show up if you googled your own company?

Brand patch wall
BuiPhotographer: Joao Tzanno | Source: Unsplash

Once you have decided what your brand will be, now you will have to make sure that you build out your brand through all your channels. If you have a website, social media page, blog, or even television ad, make sure they are all consistent with your brand.

Find ways to keep this consistency as you continue your video marketing efforts. You might want to work with a video production company that is diverse enough to work on all of your videos.

Have someone in charge of your brand and make sure they are great at managing multiple projects and social media channels to keep consistency at all times.

Attract Customer with How-to Videos

You have found your audience, you have built your brand. Now, just like in Field of Dreams, if you build it, they will come. Customers will come and watch the material if you provide it.

The catch is, this material has to be viewable for everyone. The more eyes you can get on it, the better. Create material that is general enough that can catch a general audience, but also help those who have searched for help.

A good example would be if your company is a car detailing service, you could create a video library of how to clean out specific areas of a car or review cleaning material. Find a way in which you can give your consumers a way to come back often.

attract customers with how to videos
Photographer: Element5 Digital | Source: Unsplash

The second part of creating this content includes a call to action. A call to action is simply something you want the viewer to do. After they watch a video, ask the viewer to subscribe or go to your website for more information on a product or service.

You have provided the consumer with valuable information, at the very least you can build a relationship with the viewer. Some companies have even created a name for their following or challenge them to provide their own material to share with the following.

This way you can have content constantly being created and shared, building trust within the community.

Post on a Schedule For A Consistent Video Marketing Strategy

We are creatures of habit. We create habits all of the time. We do this because we create rewards for ourselves when a pattern is established, it is the brain’s way of making a shortcut.

Do the same with your video marketing posting schedule. Just like all other social media posts, study out when your viewers are most active on Instagram, Youtube, or wherever you might be posting videos.

Video Marketing posting schedule
Photographer: Emma Matthews Digital Content Production | Source: Unsplash

Just like when television shows paid for “Primetime” you too must create a primetime for your viewers. Maybe you find that your viewers like to watch your videos while working out at night, or early in the morning while they commute to work.

This consistency, and hopefully habit that is built from the viewers will lead to more conversions. Not only will it create conversions, but just like the content itself, it will increase your retention from current viewers.

If posting on a schedule becomes overwhelming, you can make a schedule for pre-recorded content. Find ways to make multiple videos at the same time then spread out the posts to their regular posting times.

Short and Sweet

These videos do not have to be algorithm kosher content. What I mean is that they do not all have to be 15-20 minute videos.

Although something like youtube might reward you for making this content, it will not be necessary if your community is already strong enough to support your posting schedule.

Make these videos short and sweet if needed. You can create longer-form videos that can catch larger audiences, but you should also be creating shorter videos that tell a story or solve a problem quickly.

Make sure that these videos are still consistent with your brand and that they end with a call to action so the viewer knows what the next steps are.

Make Video personal
Personal Video

Work on The Videos SEO

Search Engine Optimization can help your video marketing and help your video raise higher on a generic Google search. Furthering your reach and increasing revenue.

When was the last time you even made it to the bottom of the first page of a Google search? Find key phrases within the market that are being searched and find ways that you can incorporate those phrases into a title.

You can also take advantage of the description in a video. Use those same phrases from the title and include hashtags with relatable search queries.

working on video SEO analytics
Photographer: Webaroo | Source: Unsplash

Along with the description and title, make sure you are watching how effective your thumbnail is. Even though there are no words on a thumbnail. You have forgotten one of the oldest phrases in the world, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Make that thumbnail count because it will be the first thing that attracts the viewer. Finally, the best way to optimize your videos for a search engine is to provide subtitles or a transcript.

Remember a few sentences ago when I said a picture is worth a thousand words? This is where you can actually put those thousand words, this way you will be covered on both ends.

When you provide subtitles or a transcript, this is how Google will be able to determine how useful or relevant your video will be.

Analyze and Adjust

The hard work on your video marketing campaign is not done, now that you have posted videos and created a catalog for your consumers to binge-watch you will collect data and analyze what the data tells you.

Maybe you find out that your viewers actually stop watching videos after 8 minutes. Shorten your videos to optimize the view time. Perhaps you find out that videos with a certain personality get more views.

Make more videos with that individual. This does not mean delete your old videos, just create content that your viewers will consume and constantly watch to see what provides the greatest return.

The platform that you will post will have statistics that you can check on as often as needed, possibly data you might not even know what to do with.


Sit back and watch your view count skyrocket. You have worked hard and deserve to reap the rewards. Don’t get too comfortable though because all of these steps listed can be repeated endlessly and tweaked constantly.

That’s what makes it digital marketing, it is constantly evolving and trends come and go. With that in mind, make sure you stay constant with your brand, posting schedule, and your audience.

These steps will be the cornerstone of your video marketing success as time goes on.

What video will you create first to build out your video marketing campaign?

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